Windows Phones to Get Instagram App

All the pressure and lobbying worked. The many Windows Phone users who have relentlessly petitioned Instagram for an app found out this week their hard work is paying off as Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced an official client will be made available soon. While no firm date was given, it’s clear from the timing of the confirmation that the company wants to have a clear plan in the works before the Christmas shopping season cranks up in earnest.

Of course, it wasn’t just lovers of Instagram and Windows phones who applied a little pressure on the online photo and video sharing social network. In March the Finnish company Nokia was so desperate for a response from Instagram it released #2InstaWithLove a Windows Phone app on the company’s Lumia devices. This app let users take a photo which applied a filter turning the image into one resembling Polaroid photography bearing the #2InstaWithLove signature in a faux handwritten scrawl. Nokia spokespeople claimed the app was simply an effort to show Instagram how “passionate” Windows phone users were for an official app, but the message was plain. Windows phone users wanted the app N-O-W.  All apparent kidding aside for Nokia, the producer of several phones with a key selling point of easy-to-use, but high resolution cameras, not having the app for the most popular social site for their users to share their photos and videos was becoming problematic. Worse, since Instagram had no agreement with companies using a different operating system the omission of Windows phones was beginning to look like snub, or a lack of faith in the Windows phone OS.

Kevin Systrom in confirming the new app’s imminent development and release appeared to put such fears aside stating that the company’s goal is to bring Instagram “to everyone who wants to use it.”

The new app also closes the door on the makers of apps who have provided Windows phone users with shortcut options to make the photos compatible with Instagram. Obviously, it also helps Nokia and the other phone’s using Windows OS to remain competitive in a market that’s becoming more and more complex.

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