Gaza Strip receives fuel shipment after storm damage

The Gaza Strip

Last Sunday, the Gaza Strip received its first shipment of fuel in 45 days after a major storm. The shipment, provided by the Israeli government, will be paid for by Qatar and will allow for up to twelve hours of electricity each day, according to a report by the Associated Press.   Last week, a storm of uncharacteristic strength and hammered the region, causing temperatures to fall below freezing and knocking out power all over Israel and the Palestinian territories. Snowfall was … [Read more...]

50 More Mohammed Morsi Supporters Are Dead

Mohammed Morsi

It is reported that over a 50 Mohammed Morsi supporters have been killed by the forces in the fight between Morsi’s supporters and the civil law enforcement on 6th October. Along with the deaths, around 200 members of the protest were also captured. Most of the capturing and deaths were said to have been in Cairo. Though, the former president’s supporters walked the streets of many cities. Morsi’s allies protest against his deposition from the post of presidency in July 2013. They are of … [Read more...]