Methamphetamine-Like Substance Found in US Based Supplements

Are you a fan of body building? Well, you might want to think twice before going for any supplements. A recent study has shown that a meth-like substance has been found in supplements being sold in US by certain companies. The study has been conducted by USA and South Korea to confirm the presence of the chemical that resembles the famous recreational drug methamphetamine. This means there could be many health-related issues that can be associated with those products as well as raising concerns of drug regulation towards the health ministry.

Specifically, this substance has been found in “Craze” and “Detonate”. Craze is a pre-workout powder-mix made by New York’s “Driven Sports” which has advertised the product as containing only natural ingredients. While Detonate is weight loss pill made by “Gaspari Nutrition”, this was too promoted to be containing only organic ingredients.

Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard and also one of the scientists involved in the analysis of the supplements, commented by saying that the laboratories that these are made in have no quality control assurance whatsoever. He also added that this drug had never been tested “in the human body”. Technically known as “N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine”, the substance is highly addictive, illegal, a stimulant in nature and has a structure extremely similar to that of methamphetamine. The drug might even possibly be fatal for you even if it does temporarily make you feel pumped up in the gym. However, there still hasn’t been complete study on the chemical. It is believed to be less harmful than meth but more powerful than ephedrine-another stimulant.

Many retailers, including Walmart, and online stores have already stopped the sales of Craze after the newest discovery. However, it is still available online and at GNC stores. Even Driven Sports’ own website has labeled the supplement to be out of stock. Detonate, on the other hand, is still continuing to be largely available. Though, both the companies’ lawyers are yet to make a comment on the issue.

Its shocking to see that these products have made their way into the market. It shows us exactly how careful we need to be when choosing what we consume. Being well researched and taking in properly reviewed products is a must for proper health.

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