Flu Shot May Decrease the Risk of Heart Attack

There’s a lot we can do to help ourselves when it comes to a heart attack. We can diet, control our weight, run or jog but that’s pretty much it, doing which is hard. However, a newest research shows that getting your yearly flu shot might decrease the risk of a heart stroke in humans! If you weren’t getting your flu shots before you’ve got good enough reason to get them now. This is significant even for people who already have heart disease.

The researchers carried out tests on around 6700 volunteers, with an average age of 67. Each candidate had 5 published clinical trial and 1 random clinical trial. A conclusion was made that the people who got an influenza vaccine were, a staggering, 36% safer from having a heart complication or heart attack compared to those who placebo shots. The 4.7% people with placebo vaccines had a heart-related-event while this number was almost half for people who got an influenza shot being only 2.9%.

When scientist study only those who already had a history of a heart problem, they relieved that 10% of people with shots had further complications in their heart while those with placebo shots were 23%.

The question is, though, why would flu shots decrease chances of a heart stroke or heart attack? Unfortunately, the scientists aren’t sure yet. It’s a mystery. There are theories that infections like influenza might cause inflammation that eventually leads heat beat abnormalities, heart ruptures or buildup of fluid around the heart. However, there’s nothing hard-hitting or confirmed for now.

Heart Attack and Flu

Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, a researcher who accompanied the study, himself clarified that the study hasn’t done enough to definitively draw the relationship between influenza shots and a heart attack. He also added that part of reason why the study is weak is because some of the conducted test weren’t of high enough quality.

Neuzil in the end stated that regardless of what this study concludes, the disease of influenza in older adults is a major issue in its own self which gives you enough reason to get flu shots due to its efficiency and importance.

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