Family Members Speak Up On Jared Remy ‘Murder’ Case

The picture is getting a little clearer – and much uglier for alleged murderer Jared Remy – as more people are coming out to speak up on his relationship with brutally killed girlfriend Jennifer Martel.

The highly publicized tragedy first came to light on August 15, when 34-year-old Remy was charged with fatally stabbing 27-year-old Martel in their shared townhouse in Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The stabbing allegedly happened while Remy’s and Martel’s four-year old daughter was in the house and reportedly witnessed the whole incident. The child has since been turned over to the Department of Children and Families, which has yet to comment on custody arrangements.

Prior to her death, Martel obtained a restraining order against Remy, whom she charged with assault and battery on August 13. After pleading “not guilty” on the charges, Remy was released from the authorities on August 14 – a day before the alleged murder – with only a bail warning and a no-abuse order.

Remy faced his murder and assault charges at his arraignment in Waltham District Court on August 16, and once again pleaded “not guilty”. The court ordered him to be held without bail.

Martel Family Saw Warning Signs; Remy’s Father ‘disgusted’

News of the alleged murder and “not guilty” plea are making waves throughout the internet community and social media sites, where outrage and condolences continue to pour. Being the son of former Boston Red Sox player and current broadcaster Jerry Remy has made Jared Remy an even bigger target for public scrutiny – especially since Jerry himself has denounced the alleged murder.

Jerry expressed his “disgust” and “remorse” over his son’s alleged murder of Martel through his Twitter account on August 17. According to his statement, the tragic act was “senseless”, and that he and his wife are grieving over it.

Martel family members have also broken their silence. Richard Martel Jr., the victim’s uncle, for instance, disclosed to the press that Remy and Jennifer had a “volatile” six-year relationship. He said that the alleged murderer was hard on Jennifer, but the latter still loved Remy so she tried to make the relationship work. Jennifer’s grandfather also talked in public about being shocked by the tragedy, and said he has no choice but to accept his granddaughter’s death.

One witness who lived near Remy’s and Martel’s residence also described Remy as “quick-tempered” and “controlling”. Another recounted how some neighbors tried to intervene during the attack, but were not able to.

Repeat Offender Led ‘Troubled’ Life

Remy’s murder charge may be the most serious legal trouble that he has faced, but it is far from being the only case that he has had in recent years. His string of legal troubles includes assault, threat and vandalism charges involving other then-girlfriends.

In August 1998, a former girlfriend accused Remy of assault and property damages. Another girlfriend charged him when he threatened to kill her in 2002. Remy was charged again with assault and battery in July 2004, and then vandalism the next month when he damaged his then-girlfriend’s clothes and photos.

Ultimately, Remy was sentenced to probation for two years in 2005 when he pleaded guilty to an assault charge filed by his former girlfriend, who reported to the police that she was grabbed, thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly.

Jared Remy’s other cases include disturbing the peace in 2000 and possession of a hypodermic needle in the same year. He was charged with striking a man with a bottle the year after, and hitting a woman the next.

Apart from his tumultuous relationships, Remy’s dismissal from Boston Red Sox in September 2008 also sparked controversies after he worked as a security guard since 2004 at Fenway Park. Remy was implicated by his then-fellow guard Alex Cyr, who told police that Remy sold him the steroids he was caught with in July 2008. Remy denied selling steroids to Cyr, but admitted to using the performance-enhancing drug for bodybuilding.

Born in 1979 to mother Phoebe and father Jerry, Remy suffers from severe dyslexia, which not only prevented him from going to college but also made him illiterate. Even after receiving special education at Gifford School, Remy was deemed “impulsive” and “overly aggressive” by his psychologist. The same psychologist prescribed Remy anti-anxiety medication, but Remy declined any treatment.

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