Dodge Charger Speeds Cops Pursuit

If the flashing lights and siren don’t convince you to slow down, then the speed of the latest cop car favorite should encourage you to pull over. Even more surprising is the Dodge Charger isn’t a small sportier car, it’s built for rugged use.

Ford Motors’ move to discontinue the Crown Victoria makes sense at this point despite the fact this vehicle was for many years a standard for law enforcement cruisers. Currently the Detroit manufacturers are able to offer an array of vehicles for police offer including pickups, SUVs, and sedans capable of high speeds.

While being the top police car wasn’t always the goal of many auto-makers in recent years this has changed with car manufacturers courting law enforcement with ads, social media, and large-scale media announcements.

The newest model Ford Taurus customized for law enforcement is touted as the Ultimate Stealth Police Interceptor, and the Chrysler Group is also offering a non-pursuit Ram pickup built for rough roads, but it’s the Dodge Charger sedan with Hemi V-8 which was able to pull ahead of the pack when the latest Police Vehicle Evaluation was held by the Michigan State Police.

The evaluation was held at the Grattan Raceway, and Dodge was happy to announce its new Charger Pursuit AWD was able to post a lap time of 1:33:85, a time much faster than other law enforcement vehicles now on the road. While other vehicles in the past have drawn faster times in the evaluation these weren’t loaded with the features most modern police departments now demand. The time on the Grattan Raceway proves that this Dodge Charger is the fastest all-wheel-drive cruiser law enforcement can currently find. The Dodge Charger Pursuit without AWD was able to cut a second off its counterpart’s time, but for those police departments where weather mandates a vehicle with the extra traction of the AWD the choice is clear, and the second of extra pursuit time is negligible in the face of rain slicked, or snowy streets.

Naturally, while the car enthusiast won’t be able to find the law enforcement enhanced Pursuit at a local Dodge dealer the 2014 Charger and Challenger are being eagerly awaited. The Challenger will be debuted in car shows for non-law enforcement prospective buyers starting in November, and the public is promised a peek at the 2014 Charger before Christmas.

The 2013 Dodge Charger experienced a good year as the USAA best value of the year, and as a top safety pick. Overall the Chrysler Group LLC reported the best September sales since 2007. This could mean a bit more consumer confidence, as for the last five years many in the market for a car have elected to go the used car market over selecting a newer model. For the Chrysler Group this is the 42nd consecutive month they have seen a year-over-year sale gain, and the group is four out of four vehicles seeing sales records in September.

Still, as good as this news is for the company there complaints from dealers that in this positive sales environment Chrysler is moving too slowly in getting new vehicles into production and then to the showroom floor. With new car debuts not even scheduled until November Chrysler is taking a chance that buyers other than police departments will wait to see what the company has to offer before making a purchase.

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