West Nile Virus Symptoms Now A Threat!

West Nile Virus Symptoms

West Nile Virus symptoms have now become a national threat following the death of an elderly resident in Lubbock who is reported to have succumbed from an infection caused by the virus. Although the death the patient was reported as first of its kind in the area when it occurred, since 2007 when the deadly virus had become a center of focus, according to CDC, West Nile Virus symptoms can manifest in various ways. A press release confirmed that most patients portray no symptoms while others … [Read more...]

50 More Mohammed Morsi Supporters Are Dead

Mohammed Morsi

It is reported that over a 50 Mohammed Morsi supporters have been killed by the forces in the fight between Morsi’s supporters and the civil law enforcement on 6th October. Along with the deaths, around 200 members of the protest were also captured. Most of the capturing and deaths were said to have been in Cairo. Though, the former president’s supporters walked the streets of many cities. Morsi’s allies protest against his deposition from the post of presidency in July 2013. They are of … [Read more...]

Herman Wallace, Famous as Part of the Angola Three, Dies

Angola Three

This last Friday morning, three days after his release from prison, Herman Wallace, aged 71, passed away in New Orleans, just a block away from his childhood home, from advanced liver cancer. Wallace was one of three men, the others being Albert Woodfox and Robert Hillary King, who were dubbed the Angola Three in 1997 after it was discovered that since 1972 they had served the majority of their jail term in solitary confinement. This meant that they had been left in isolation longer than anyone … [Read more...]

Tropical Storm Karen Weakens; Gulf Coast Braces for Heavy Rains

Tropical Storm Karen

Tropical storm Karen has significantly weakened on Friday and early Saturday due to strong southwesterly winds. Despite losing much of its strength, however, Karen is still anticipated to bring lots of rain throughout the Central Gulf Coast region. Moreover, a tropical storm warning remains in effect from Louisiana's Morgan City to the Pearl River eastward of New Orleans. According to the National Hurricane Center in Florida, the tropical storm was last monitored more than 200 miles … [Read more...]