Venice to Ban Some Cruise Ships from Canals

Venice to ban cruise ships

For those wishing to experience the wonders and beauty of Venice’s main canal and the serenity of the lagoon of St. Mark’s Basin from the deck of a modern cruise ship will have to schedule their trip immediately. The multi-year battle between the Venetian public, environmentalists, cruise ship corporations, and the Venetian tourist board ended in victory for those wishing to banish vessels over a certain tonnage from the area. Those that have already visited Venice, floated by the city, or … [Read more...]

The Death of the Travel Agent Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Travel agents

These last few weeks have been difficult for an industry that has been having a particularly difficult last decade. Travel agents, historically a job that brought joy to families worldwide looking for a bit of a break from the ordinary that has had relatively stable numbers, has had a decline in both population, profile, and prestige since the rise of the internet. This has been largely due to the growing ease of planning one’s vacation from the comfort of one’s home and the control individual … [Read more...]

Bisbee: an Under-visited Arizonan Attraction

Bisbee Arizona

When most individuals plan a trip to southern Arizona, Tombstone and Tucson top the list. However, when temperatures in summer can easily surpass 100 degrees on any given day, these two towns can prove overwhelming for more northerly visitors. For those skeptical of having fun in the sun while being slightly singed, Bisbee can be the perfect solution. Its high altitude often ensures that the area is relatively cool, even when it is scorching an hour away in Tombstone. Found on Highway 80, two … [Read more...]

Hubble Space Telescope Identifies Planet 370 Trillion Miles Away

Hubble Space Telescope

New reports from NASA indicate that the Hubble Space Telescope has found a truly blue planet orbiting around a star more than 370 trillion miles – or about 63 light years - away. Scientists say the color of a planet is a clue to how Earth-like its environment may be and helps identify primary elements about its composition and atmosphere. Known as HD 189733b, the azure planet discovered just outside of our own galaxy. And although Hubble’s light spectrum analysis indicates that the planet … [Read more...]

Transit Strike Leaves Commuters Stranded

Bay yArea Transit Strike

Frustrated San Francisco Bay Area commuters are struggling to find ways to get to their own jobs, as Bay Area Rapid Transit workers continue to strike for pay increases.  Transit strike officials warned those who use BART that workers would likely to continue their walkout after labor negotiations fell apart on Monday. The standstill many feared would occur during the early days of the strike didn't happen however despite some snarls, as commuters familiar with the situation found temporary … [Read more...]

39th Edition Telluride Film Festival 2012

Telluride Colorado Film Festival

Hyde Park on Hudson star Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt Marked the 39th Colorado film festivals as a Ben Affleck’s Argo Sneak Peak gave movie lovers a reason to wait for its premier. In Telluride, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains provided film enthusiast with an opportunity to see several movies including the never seen before Hyde Park on Hudson, played by Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Another entrance was marked by Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha while Ben Affleck’s Argo gave … [Read more...]