Politics of ObamaCare


With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, supporters of the legislation hoped this would finally eliminate the issue of healthcare from all future political debates. However, that has not been the case.   Since President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law, there has been constant and consistent criticism of the Act from a wide array of groups.  The Republicans have been extremely vocal about their desire to repeal the law, and every election cycle ramps up this rhetoric once … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus hits California’s county


Fighting the worst ever outbreak of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Orange County of California state, health officials began spraying insecticide in select neighborhoods in a bid to stop the increase in the number of people being infected by the virus. Vector control trucks, fitted with foggers, began spraying from Tuesday in four select neighborhoods in Santa Ana. The fogging will continue till Friday. The West Nile Virus outbreak has so far infected at least 94 people this year. This is at … [Read more...]

Domestic Abuse within the NFL


Frequently, an accusation of abuse comes down to images of bruises, and two very different explanations of what occurred. In the case of Ray Rice, however, an elevator video leaves little room for explanations or denials. In the video released by TMZ earlier this month Rice can be seen apparently hitting his then-girlfriend Janay Palmer on the right side of her  head. The video also shows Palmer falling and striking her head on the elevator’s railing. After the video aired Rice’s two-game … [Read more...]

Role of Elective Surgery in Joan Rivers Death


Born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in 1933 she came to fame as Joan Rivers a comedian and television personality known for her surprising style of commentary. At 81 years of age Rivers was still working hard on a show, and was on television almost constantly. Her death last week took family, friends, and fans by complete surprise. She died during a minor elective procedure at a well-known, and well respected Manhattan medical client. Manhattan officials are investigating the death of Joan Rivers, … [Read more...]

Positive News For ObamaCare


It has been a policy goal; of politicians for decades.    President Franklin Roosevelt mentioned it back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, efforts which resulted in Social Security and the modern welfare system.  Senator Ted Kennedy made it a lifelong passion.  As First Lady, Secretary Hillary Clinton took a stab at it in the 1990’s.  What is it?  It is universal health care.  Politicians have been handling this hot potato of a political issue for over a century.  During the campaign for the presidency … [Read more...]

Training brain to prefer healthy food possible


Is cheese pizza more appealing than salad? For many, the lettuce is hardly appealing in comparison to the greasy food. However, a new brain study from the Massachusetts-based Tufts University published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes said the human brain could be trained to prefer healthy food over the unhealthy and high-calorie foods by introducing a diet that will not leave people hungry. This way, Tufts University scientists said, food addictions could be modified even when they … [Read more...]

Any diet will do, if one sticks to it: Study

BIG one

A team of Canadian researchers have found that all diets have similar results. Therefore, the researchers urged people fighting the battle of the bulge to choose the diet they find the easiest. After analysing information from at least 48 separate trials, the researchers published the finding of their study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In the study, the Canadian researchers said that sticking to one diet was more vital than ‘. . . the diet itself . . .’ Obesity … [Read more...]

Comedian Joan Rivers Still on Life Support


Reports that Joan Rivers would be off life-support earlier this week have proven to be incorrect and the 81-year-old actress and comedian is still receiving life care. Media is now reporting that sources close to the family are stating Melissa Rivers will need to make the decision to remove her mother from the life support measures currently sustaining her. Rivers was rushed to NYU and placed in a medically induced coma after she suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest during throat surgery … [Read more...]

Mass Hysteria Likely in Columbian Illness


President Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia has released a statement on the recent outbreak of illness that has struck the town of El Carmen de Bolivar. Over 200 school-aged girls, ranging from 9 to 16 years old, in the area have reported coming down with a number of symptoms requiring medical care. The most common of these symptoms are headache, fainting, and numbness in their extremities. President Santos has come out stating that the evidence points to not a contagion or contamination, but … [Read more...]

Abortion: Women’s Health or Politics?


Over the last forty years, the issue of a women’s right to choose has been a hot button topic throughout the United States. Ever since the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade, everyone from doctors to women’s rights groups to politicians has asserted a position, either pro-life or pro-choice.  There have been intense and divisive confrontations about when a human life begins, whether at conception or at birth.  There have been arguments about the control of one’s body.  … [Read more...]