Angelina Jolie Leads The Fight Against Cancer


Angelina Jolie is a major celebrity. Ms. Jolie commands attention wherever she goes, and her adoring fans clamor for news or information about her day to day lifestyle.   In the past, public figures were looked upon as role models.   The activities of a celebrity were followed with interest.  However, oftentimes, the celebrity would control what information was revealed and in what form.  Now, the omnipresence of the internet, twitter, and other social media has eliminated all control for … [Read more...]

Rob Ford Diagnosed with Cancer


Medical staff belonging to Mount Sinai Hospital has diagnosed the 45 year-old Toronto mayor Rob Ford as having a rare, and frequently aggressive, form of cancer. According to reports, Mayor Ford has been suffering pain in his abdomen for several months and has been hospitalized for over a week. Mayor Ford later confirmed the announcement made by the physicians at Mount Sinai in a speech and has stated that he is not seeking re-election but will rather begin chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is … [Read more...]

Gay lawmaker says he’s taking anti-HIV drug


In a first of its kind, a gay San Francisco lawmaker publicly acknowledged on Wednesday that he was using every day an effective HIV-prevention drug named Truvada. Hoping that his disclosure will help minimise the stigma around gay men who are on medication, the lawmaker Scott Wiener urged other high-risk urban dwellers to do what he did. Wiener is the supervisor for District 8 in San Francisco city. He probably happens to be the first public official to acknowledge that he is on the … [Read more...]

Berries Could Help Fight Cancer


New research is suggesting that wild berries can be used to help fight cancer alongside conventional treatment by boosting its effectiveness.  The study, carried out by King’s College Hospital and the University of Southampton, found that using North American chokeberries alongside common chemotherapy drugs had a better effect on pancreatic cancer. The results showed that the cancer cells were killed off quicker when the berries were used alongside the normal treatment.  The discovery, … [Read more...]

Obama: Global Security Threat from Ebola


President Barack Obama has announced the US is to take a larger role in the fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, calling it a threat to global security.  The measures include sending 3,000 US troops to the region and the building of new healthcare facilities. Mr Obama said that the world was looking to the United States but that a global response was also needed in the fight to stop the spread of the virus.  The outbreak has so far killed 2,461 people this year, around half … [Read more...]

Suicide Allowed for Belgium Inmate


A fifty-year-old Belgium man, who had been incarcerated in a prison in Bruges since the 1980’s for several rapes and a rape-murder, has been given court approval for a physician-assisted suicide. Frank Van Den Bleeken has been fighting for a legally and medically sanctioned suicide for three years, however Belgium’s Federal Euthanasia Commission had rejected his first request. Without this commission’s approval, Van Den Bleeken would not be allowed to have the relatively painless and effective … [Read more...]

Further Reduction in Sugar Intake Recommended


Health experts are now targeting a further reduction in sugar intake for people by halving the recommended amount of sugar consumed each day.  Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government advisors in England have said that sugar should only account for 5% of energy intake, down from the current advice of 10%. However a study in the BMC Public Health Journal went further, to suggest the target figure should be no more than 3%.  Researchers from the University College London and the … [Read more...]

Fewer Calories Could Cure Sleep Apnea in Obese


A recent study conducted by Brazilian researchers reported that consuming fewer calories could improve sleep apnea and lower blood pressure in obese adults.   Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing stops and starts during sleep. Additionally, the disorder is associated with high blood pressure, heart problems, and stroke.   The Brazilian study involved 21 obese adults, between 20 and 55 years old, with sleep apnea. Some of the 21 adults … [Read more...]

Study Finds Sedative and Alzheimer’s Connection


A geriatric study from University Bordeaux, France has found a possible link between the longtime of use of some sedatives such as benzodiazepines and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease has become a serious problem for the Baby Boomer generation with five million American’s believed to be suffering from this condition. Current this irreversible, progressive, degenerative condition affecting the brain is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. According to the new study … [Read more...]

FDA Approves New Weight-Loss Pill


U.S. regulators have approved a new weight-loss pill intended for obese adults called Contrave, which is the third straight greenlight by regulators of a prescription medication aimed at fighting the country’s obesity epidemic. Two already approved drugs, naltrexone and bupropion, combine to make Contrave. The former is used to treat alcohol and narcotic dependency, while bupropion is an antidepressant that is also used to help people quit smoking. Contrave is similar to two drugs that … [Read more...]