10 Best Fat Burning Foods

10 Best Fat Burning Foods

Combating fat need not mean eating much less or limiting one’s intake to tasteless “healthy” food. The key to losing unwanted fat without sacrificing a healthy appetite lies in knowing which foods to eat.   Thanks to lifelong scientific studies and experiments, experts have identified foods that actually help burn fat by helping build muscles and using up lots of energy during digestion. What most people might be surprised about is that most foods classified as “fat-burning” are not … [Read more...]

Gluten Can Make You Do What?


Gluten has been called the direct cause of ADHD, Autism, and Celiac Disease.  It has been labeled as one of the most direct causes of headaches, memory loss, and the possible development of Alzheimer Disease.  This has to be one of the most shocking and devastating amoungst of information about any fiber or ingredient to ever come out, since Trans Fat were called out by the FDA about ten years ago. Some of the sources of this information come from reliable sources such as the Department of … [Read more...]

Flu Shot May Decrease the Risk of Heart Attack

heart attack

There’s a lot we can do to help ourselves when it comes to a heart attack. We can diet, control our weight, run or jog but that’s pretty much it, doing which is hard. However, a newest research shows that getting your yearly flu shot might decrease the risk of a heart stroke in humans! If you weren't getting your flu shots before you've got good enough reason to get them now. This is significant even for people who already have heart disease. The researchers carried out tests on around 6700 … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Debacle Continues For Foster Farms

Salmonella Outbreak

Affecting over 250 people in 18 different states, the Salmonella virus that has recently broken out in the US has been a major health problem in the region. The outbreak of the virus was traced down to essentially California by the health ministry. After much hassle and research, the disease is narrowed to 3 chicken farms owned by Foster Farms. Foster Farms, which is said to be the origin of the problem, has been a poultry producer in California since long but its prospects are now … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus Symptoms Now A Threat!

West Nile Virus Symptoms

West Nile Virus symptoms have now become a national threat following the death of an elderly resident in Lubbock who is reported to have succumbed from an infection caused by the virus. Although the death the patient was reported as first of its kind in the area when it occurred, since 2007 when the deadly virus had become a center of focus, according to CDC, West Nile Virus symptoms can manifest in various ways. A press release confirmed that most patients portray no symptoms while others … [Read more...]

Burger King Creates new “Satisfries”

Burger King Satisfries

Burger King’s response to customer pressure for lower fat and fewer calories is not to change the fast-food restaurant’s famous menu, but to alter a favorite menu item. Hailed as a lower-fat alternative to regular fries, Burger King’s new Satisfries offer 40% less fat according to the Miami-based fast-food chain giant. Consumers, consumer groups, and nutrition experts all seem to agree that the fast food industry needs to make changes, and yet, those pulling up to the window or standing in … [Read more...]

NASA Specialist Experiences Medical Mistakes

Medical Mistakes

The idea of going into the hospital for any number of reasons is for most people a frightening thought, and a recent study in the Journal of Patient Safety will not settle anyone’s nerves. According to the study between 210,000, and 440,000 patients die each year from preventable harm suffered at the hospital, which leads to their death. Ask John T. James, a toxicologist at NASA. The news regarding the number of preventable accidents and deaths in hospitals has been grim in the past.  The … [Read more...]

2013 Flu Symptoms Warning and What to Expect

flu symptoms

Autumn has officially arrived – and with it is another flu season. Why the flu season starts just when the cold weather begins is still quite a mystery to scientists, but one thing they are sure of is that citizens should be aware of 2013 flu symptoms to prevent massive outbreaks.   Flu symptoms usually manifest from one day to seven days after a person’s exposure to the virus, and are typically more serious than the signs of a common cold. The affected individual may feel or show the … [Read more...]

Holy Water Possible Danger to Health

Holy water bacteria issue

Across the world millions of the faithful visit the baptism areas of churches every Sunday. The church offers a peaceful start to the week, but according to a new Austrian study dipping the fingers in “cleansing” water of the baptism can be anything but peaceful or cleansing.  In fact, the new study found 86% of holy water is infected with bacteria, which can cause cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. The researchers found dangerous levels of bacteria in the holy water usually used … [Read more...]

Drink More Coffee; Fight Prostate Cancer?

fight prostate cancer with coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee – and read the good news for heavy coffee drinkers. Men, at least, may have one more good reason to drink an increased amount of coffee every day: to fight prostate cancer. In a study conducted by researchers at FredHutchinsonCancerResearchCenter, it was found that men who consumed at least four cups of coffee on a daily basis were able to reduce the risk of progression and/or recurrence of prostate cancer by 59 percent. The comparison was made against … [Read more...]