Sebastian Vettel 10 Things You Don’t Know

Sebastian Vettel

Racecar drivers move fast. Whether it’s on the track, on while speeding through their lives it can be hard to pin down these dare devils of driving regarding what motives them to risk so much. Sebastian Vettel the German Formula One racing driver is no exception. Currently driving for the Austrian racing team known as Red Bull Racing he’s the World Champion several times over. His youth and skill are well known, but even some of fans of racing know little about this young’s man career and … [Read more...]

EPA Releases Mandate to Lower Ethanol Levels in Gasoline


Ethanol, once seen as the key to solving high gas prices and environmental concerns, may be on its way out of fashion. Last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency released a statement that they will seek to lower the levels of ethanol in gasoline for 2014. If the mandate becomes law, it will be the first time that the levels of biofuels in our gasoline will be decreased. The mandate proposes adding between 15 billion and 15.52 billion gallons of ethanol to the fuel supply in 2014. … [Read more...]

Dodge Charger Speeds Cops Pursuit

dodge charger

If the flashing lights and siren don’t convince you to slow down, then the speed of the latest cop car favorite should encourage you to pull over. Even more surprising is the Dodge Charger isn’t a small sportier car, it’s built for rugged use. Ford Motors’ move to discontinue the Crown Victoria makes sense at this point despite the fact this vehicle was for many years a standard for law enforcement cruisers. Currently the Detroit manufacturers are able to offer an array of vehicles for police … [Read more...]

Elon Musk Buys James Bond Submersible Car

Elon Musk

Did you watch “The Spy Who Loved Me”? Heck, who didn’t? It is one of the best Bond movies there is. For anyone who remembers the movie, they must also remember the pseudo cool submarine car used in the film? It has recently been revealed that the car has been sold by auction to Elon Musk. Elon Musk, most widely known for his founding of Tesla Motors, is an inventor and investor largely in the technological industry. With Tesla and his interest in tech entrepreneur, it is not hard to … [Read more...]

NASCAR Sets New Rules to Revive Credibility


NASCAR may have just redefined the idiomatic expression "there are no hard and fast rules" and applied it to professional racing. In a controversial turn of events, NASCAR imposed new rules and guidelines before Sunday’s race for the 2013 Chase for the Sprint Cup. In a gist, the new rules are: Always race 100 percent and never mess with the finish. On a more technical level, the following moves have been deemed unacceptable: offering a position in return for favor or material benefit and … [Read more...]

Aston Martin Racing Clinches Victory in Sao Paulo

Aston Martin Racing

The British car racing team, Aston Martin Racing has proved once again that Aston Martin remains the most regarded automobile for racing following the 6 hour auto race in Sao Paulo, Brazil that saw the team celebrate its win. Number 96 Vantage GTE crossed the finish line as part of the GTE AM class to win the race. The auto race, which took place on 1st September 2013, was the fourth series of this year’s FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship). The Sao Paulo victory marks Aston Martin … [Read more...]

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sizzles Toward 2013 Chase

NASCAR Sprint Cup

There may be one race left before the “Chase” – or championship – for the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, but the excitement for the series’ conclusion is already burning as hot as the race cars’ tires on the track. The top 10 standings for the series have been shuffled once again after the AdvoCare 500 race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on September 2nd, wherein No. 18 Toyota Camry driver Kyle Busch not only won the checkered flag but also jumped to 5th place. Busch won by crossing the finish … [Read more...]

Nissan Guarantees Self-driven Cars by 2020!

Nissan self-driven cars

Nissan Motor Co., LTD Executive Vice President, Andy Palmer acknowledged that by 2020, the company will have launched affordable autonomous cars to the market. Palmer was speaking at a presentation in Southern California. Self-driving technology, being on the testing phase, is one of the highly awaited installations by car owners. Google Inc. has also been linked to the same project, but according to Mr. Palmer, by 2014, Nissan will have already embarked on serious ground testing on all … [Read more...]

German Tuner Brabus Turns Up Heat on 2014 Mercedes S-class


The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class is one of the most hotly anticipated luxury vehicles this year. With the disappearance of Maybach in 2012, Daimler has been able to leverage the Mercedes-Benz S-class to the pantheon of luxury automobiles. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class is packed with numerous new luxuries and sophisticated technologies that is necessary to fill Maybach’s void. Brabus, a German tuning company that has gained a reputation of taking pedestrian Mercedes’ cars and SUVS and … [Read more...]

New Technology on 2014 Ford Police Interceptor to Protect Police

Police Interceptor

Ford is offering a new piece of technology on its 2014 Ford Police Interceptor sedan and sport utility vehicles designed to protect law enforcement officials. The new surveillance mode technology uses Ford’s already existent drive-assistant technology to help protect police officers.  Using a combination of Ford’s backup camera, cross-traffic detection sensors, and reverse park assist, the car can sound a chime alerting the officer, roll-up the driver’s window, and lock the doors if it … [Read more...]