Burger King Creates new “Satisfries”

Burger King’s response to customer pressure for lower fat and fewer calories is not to change the fast-food restaurant’s famous menu, but to alter a favorite menu item. Hailed as a lower-fat alternative to regular fries, Burger King’s new Satisfries offer 40% less fat according to the Miami-based fast-food chain giant.

Consumers, consumer groups, and nutrition experts all seem to agree that the fast food industry needs to make changes, and yet, those pulling up to the window or standing in line for a meal still want the familiar selections generations of Americans have enjoyed.

Burger King’s famous hamburgers including their 670 calorie Whopper won’t be changed. The Whopper with 351 calories from fat, and the traditional small fries at 252 with 100 calories from fat remain on the menu. The new Satisfries according to Burger King spokespeople, contains 40% less fat and have 30% fewer calories than the usual small bag of French fries.

The new fries, crinkle-cut and lightly coated with a batter look familiar, but the change in calorie and fat content is made possible by the Satisfries absorbing not as much oil. The new process for cooking the fries was developed with the cooperation of the restaurant’s Satisfry supplier McCain Foods. The Satisfries and the new process are owned by Burger King at this time according to a spokesperson for the chain as reported by Reuters.

The Satisfries are reported to have 270 calories with only 11 grams of fat, which is almost 100 fewer calories than the regular fries, and has 4 grams less fat. In making this move Burger King seems to be banking that with health concerns related to obesity like Type II diabetes and heart disease those looking for healthier choices are willing to pay a little more. While the traditional fries still have a suggested retail of $1.59 the new fries start at $1.89 for the smallest portion.

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