Breaking Bad Spinoff “Better Call Saul” to Soothe Fan Withdrawals

“More addictive than drugs.” This is how phenomenal AMC TV series Breaking Bad is described by millions of viewers who have followed the journey of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and emotionally and morally conflicted druggie Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). The show’s eerie yet apt analogy to drugs, however, seems to continue even after the top-rated show aired its final episode last month as many fans claim to be already going into “withdrawals”.

There’s no need to fret — at least until maybe fall next year, when the much-awaited and fan-demanded spin-off that will focus on Walter’s and Jesse’s colorful and quirky yet dependable and well-connected “criminal lawyer” Saul Goodman, expertly played by Bob Odenkirk. The show will be entitled “Better Call Saul”, cleverly inspired by the enterprising lawyer’s tag line featured in his ubiquitous TV and billboard advertisements.

 Better Call Saul: A Look into a Criminal Lawyer’s Past

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan provided eager fans a small glimpse of the upcoming spin-off earlier this week. He revealed that together with co-executive producer and Saul Goodman character creator Peter Gould, he originally planned “Better Call Saul” as a comedy that will run for half an hour per episode. However, they eventually decided to stick with Breaking Bad’s signature “look and feel” in a drama format that lasts for an hour each episode.

 One particular detail disclosed by Gilligan has left fans wondering and arguing among themselves: Better Call Saul will be a prequel and not a sequel to Breaking Bad. While many fans welcome the idea of exploring Saul’s past activities that led him to such a complicated path, some prefer following Saul’s life after his unresolved plot in Breaking Bad.

Gilligan said that what clinched the decision on the spin-off’s timeline is the attractive prospect of digging into Saul’s often questionable life choices — colorful suits and all. He added that doing a prequel will make more room for comedy rather than delving into the bleak aftermath of Breaking Bad.

Apart from sharing this crucial information, Gilligan also gladly disclosed that the spin-off show will still be shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico and use much of Breaking Bad’s staff and crew. He said that the decision was fairly easy to make as they wanted Better Call Saul to seamlessly appear as a part of Breaking Bad’s pre-existing and elaborately created universe.

There’s one more good news to Breaking Bad fans who are already excited about revisiting the series’ universe: possible cameos by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman themselves.

Saul Rides on Breaking Beyond Cult Following

Better Call Saul is slated to also air on AMC, whose other hit show, The Walking Dead, recently opened its fourth season with an astounding 16-million viewership. People behind the show are hoping that if these figures — as well as Breaking Bad’s loyal fan base — are any indication, Better Call Saul will be among 2014′s most successful new TV series.

Either way, fans are gearing up for yet another exhilarating adventure, trusting Breaking Bad creators to deliver as promised — as any reliable dealer would.

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