Study Finds Sedative and Alzheimer’s Connection


A geriatric study from University Bordeaux, France has found a possible link between the longtime of use of some sedatives such as benzodiazepines and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease has become a serious problem for the Baby Boomer generation with five million American’s believed to be suffering from this condition. Current this irreversible, progressive, degenerative condition affecting the brain is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. According to the new study … [Read more...]

Bleach Ingestion at Day Care Hospitalizes 28 Children


In an accident that’s become all too common, over two-dozen children, and two adults at a Day Care were unintentionally given bleach instead of water at a N.J. Day Care. The incident that occurred Thursday resulted in a brief hospitalization for all involved. According to reports from the Jersey City Fire Department a substitute teacher’s aide made the mistake of giving the students ages 3 to 4 water from a bottle that also contained bleach. A call from the day care to the Jersey City Medical … [Read more...]

Domestic Abuse within the NFL


Frequently, an accusation of abuse comes down to images of bruises, and two very different explanations of what occurred. In the case of Ray Rice, however, an elevator video leaves little room for explanations or denials. In the video released by TMZ earlier this month Rice can be seen apparently hitting his then-girlfriend Janay Palmer on the right side of her  head. The video also shows Palmer falling and striking her head on the elevator’s railing. After the video aired Rice’s two-game … [Read more...]

Role of Elective Surgery in Joan Rivers Death


Born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in 1933 she came to fame as Joan Rivers a comedian and television personality known for her surprising style of commentary. At 81 years of age Rivers was still working hard on a show, and was on television almost constantly. Her death last week took family, friends, and fans by complete surprise. She died during a minor elective procedure at a well-known, and well respected Manhattan medical client. Manhattan officials are investigating the death of Joan Rivers, … [Read more...]

Unidentified Respiratory Virus Sparks Concerns for Children


A virus that has yet to be identified has spread across 10 states in the U.S., and affected more than a thousand children. While the virus appears like a sudden cold, and hasn’t been positively identified, officials believe it might human Enterovirus 68. During the past two years the CDC has seen several cluster cases of Enterovirus 68 also known as HEV68. This is a unique condition causing acute respiratory illness. Enteroviru 68 or HEV68 were first isolated in the early 1960’s in … [Read more...]

Comedian Joan Rivers Still on Life Support


Reports that Joan Rivers would be off life-support earlier this week have proven to be incorrect and the 81-year-old actress and comedian is still receiving life care. Media is now reporting that sources close to the family are stating Melissa Rivers will need to make the decision to remove her mother from the life support measures currently sustaining her. Rivers was rushed to NYU and placed in a medically induced coma after she suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest during throat surgery … [Read more...]

Allergies a Modern Epidemic


With an historically high rate of one in three in the Western world developing allergies, many theories have been advanced as to the cause. A new theory has this problem being related to bacteria. Those who live in the West, including the United States, and the U.K. are found by University of Chicago researchers to have fewer bacteria than those who live in other parts of the world. The most common type of allergy included serious reactions to wasps and bees and foods such as milk, nuts, … [Read more...]

U.S. Soccer Moms VS FIFA Over Concussions


U.S. Soccer moms have gained the attention of the world by engaging in a lawsuit against FIFA for allegedly not adopting effective guidelines to prevent the risk of concussions. While the lawsuit has drawn little attention in American, soccer fans around the world have reacted with surprise to FIFA, soccer’s international governing body being taken to court. Similar suits have already appeared in court, including one against the National Football League, the National Collegiate Athletic … [Read more...]

Concerns over Flu Season Start Early


As summer ends the focus might be on a new school year, new careers, or the usual responsibilities, but according to the CDC this is the time to start worrying about the flu season. Flu activity is low right now in America, but public health officials know outbreaks are lurking just around the corner. Typically, these outbreaks peak around the middle of January, and start to fade at the end of February, but the time to prepare is the end of summer. This year, the influenzas the CDC is … [Read more...]

E-Cigs a Risk for Teens?


In a new policy statement from the American Heart Association the group calls for e-Cigarettes to be outlawed for minors, and only used as a last resort to quit smoking. The association also calls for the Food and Drug Administration to speed up processes of regulating them. The policy is based on research that shows teens are using the vaporing cigarettes to quit. Instead a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 260,000 teens from middle to high school that … [Read more...]