Is Black Friday a Left Over?

Black Friday

For many American families, it’s become a tradition. After the turkey is over, the game and parades are watched, and the entire family has napped away the effects of stuffing, gravy, and whatever what it was floating in the Jell-O this year it’s time to prepare for the biggest sales day of the year. Sleeping in cars and along the sidewalks of major department stores was just another way for families to bond as they waited for the sales that opened early on Black Friday, the day after … [Read more...]

Nazi Artwork Loot Yields Treasure

Chagall Artwork

The true secret held by Cornelius Gurlitt an elderly and reclusive owner of a Munich apartment is so fantastic it sounds like the plot from a Dan Brown novel or a script for the television show Castle. Gurlitt who neighbors say lived “like a ghost” was hiding a wealth of artwork looted by the Nazis much of it one of a kind pieces that have never been on public display. Many of the paintings found in the dirty and neglected apartment are unknown, but have been confirmed as the original works … [Read more...]

Deadly Halloween Storms

halloween storms

The storm that set the stage for several Halloween tragedies in Central Texas and throughout several southern states is now barreling toward the eastern part of the United States. In the area around Austin Texas two people are known to have lost their lives in flood waters, and a young boy in Tennessee was killed in Nashville Tennessee by a downed power line. Flooding had already impacted Austin, Texas during ACL Fest on October 13th, so many believed they were prepared and knew what to … [Read more...]

Dodge Charger Speeds Cops Pursuit

dodge charger

If the flashing lights and siren don’t convince you to slow down, then the speed of the latest cop car favorite should encourage you to pull over. Even more surprising is the Dodge Charger isn’t a small sportier car, it’s built for rugged use. Ford Motors’ move to discontinue the Crown Victoria makes sense at this point despite the fact this vehicle was for many years a standard for law enforcement cruisers. Currently the Detroit manufacturers are able to offer an array of vehicles for police … [Read more...]

Oarfish Behavior Sparks Earthquake Fears

Giant Oarfish

The first oarfish to wash ashore in Catalina Island off Southern California beach was deemed a rare fluke, but when the second appeared in San Diego within the same month it seems natural that some people are wondering why this strange behavior would be spotted twice. Many are concerned there was some cause behind this pair’s unusual deaths. In a state that’s seen its share of seismic activity Japanese folklore regarding the beaching of oarfish and earthquakes is leading to some to wonder if … [Read more...]

Windows Phones to Get Instagram App


All the pressure and lobbying worked. The many Windows Phone users who have relentlessly petitioned Instagram for an app found out this week their hard work is paying off as Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced an official client will be made available soon. While no firm date was given, it’s clear from the timing of the confirmation that the company wants to have a clear plan in the works before the Christmas shopping season cranks up in earnest. Of course, it wasn’t just lovers of … [Read more...]

Mattel Proves Strong in Rough Economy


Name recognition is important in any business and Mattel is possible seeing this advantage in a tough market. With a third quarter net income over 15% the toy company is also proving that moving forward with new products, and ideas are also paying off. Many adults associated the name Mattel with excitement, and the memories of seeing the company’s name on freshly unwrapped boxes under the Christmas tree. Many of the old favorites from the 1950’s are remarkably still available from the company … [Read more...]

National Monuments Reopening Despite Government Shutdown

National Monuments

Seeing communities in their states financially hurt by the shutdown some state officials have done what those in Washington have thus far failed to accomplish. They have worked out a deal to reopen a number of national monuments to the public. For many states national monuments and park contribute much to their economy in the form of tourist dollars so a few are willing to use state funds to see them back in operation and open to the public. Governors of a several states requested the … [Read more...]

The 2013- 2014 Hurricane Season

2014 Hurricane Season

The last news anyone in the U.S. wants to hear right now is another dire prediction, and fortunately in looking at the forecasts for the 2013-2014 hurricane season there are few indications of impending disasters. If you live in some parts of the country however, preparing for the season ahead is still a good plan. The Atlantic hurricane season is technically from June 1st to November 30th, but hurricanes do not always oblige weather watchers often occurring months ahead or as much as six … [Read more...]

James Clapper Calls Shutdown Safety Risk

James Clapper

Shutting down all but critically essential functions of the government puts national security at risk according to Intelligence Director James Clapper. In a statement Wednesday, Clapper told a Senate Judiciary Committee that from his standpoint “it’s extremely damaging as the shutdown drags on”. Clapper voiced several concerns during the meeting including the fact that shutdown will impact policy making, and the normal operations of the country’s security. He also referred to the shutdown as … [Read more...]