Paracetamol to Sell in Small Doses in Supermarkets

Paracetamol a.k.a. acetaminophen or Tylenol

A crackdown aimed to limit the sale of paracetamol in large doses in supermarkets and other non-governmental stores will see the drug sell at only 21 tablets and below. Paracetamol is another term for acetaminophen. More people may recognize the name Tylenol. The step was taken following continued overdoses by victims who prefer purchasing the drug to relieve pain instead of seeking advice from medical experts on the right drug and dose. Expert reviews show that more than 8000 patients are … [Read more...]

Bushfires in Australia Firefighters Strive to Combat


Series of bushfires in Australia blazing on the mountains 100km west of Sydney are forcing firefighters to work extra harder as they attempt to put them out. On Tuesday, the Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons reported that there were about 60 fires that had not been contained. He also ascertained that the biggest of the fires was scorching ground along the Blue Mountains. Armed with top notch equipment, thousands of firefighters have been battling the fires that have reportedly … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead TV Show Sets Audience Viewing Record

The Walking Dead television show

The Walking Dead TV Show set an historical audience viewership record on Sunday during its season four’s premiere according to AMC. The zombie horror television series is reported to have drawn up to 16.1 million viewers. Although other shows came close to compete against the zombie cult show, results by Nielsen confirmed that The Walking Dead TV Show was indeed the top rated TV series in spite of those challenges. For instance, NBC’s Sunday Night Football is known for drawing more … [Read more...]

Is International Monetary Fund Targeting World’s Rich Countries?

International Monetary Fund

The ongoing economic crisis in the US should not negate the fact that rich countries have for years been targeted by International Monetary Fund. This week was IMF’s step to fix short falls experienced in the past by eyeing on tax from rich nations. According to International Monetary Fund, the new measures have primarily been spearheaded by ongoing budget issues in the United States. Experts and Non-governmental organizations have been quoted saying that they had to “read it twice to … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus Symptoms Now A Threat!

West Nile Virus Symptoms

West Nile Virus symptoms have now become a national threat following the death of an elderly resident in Lubbock who is reported to have succumbed from an infection caused by the virus. Although the death the patient was reported as first of its kind in the area when it occurred, since 2007 when the deadly virus had become a center of focus, according to CDC, West Nile Virus symptoms can manifest in various ways. A press release confirmed that most patients portray no symptoms while others … [Read more...]

Government Shutdown 2013

Government Shutdown 2013

When the first government shutdown for nearly 18 years kicked in yesterday 1st October 2013, hundreds of federal workers listed as jobless while thousands would report to work and remain without any pay until the controversial budget is passed. Following a heated debate on various government funding projects, democrats and republicans disagreed over the 2013-2014 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The new law, which was expected to rollout 1st October, has been linked with the … [Read more...]

Denver Broncos Well Prepared for Eagles?

Denver Broncos

Philadelphia Eagles certainly pose a big challenge to Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning according to the latest team position reviews. During an interview to ascertain their preparation against Eagles, Denver Broncos coaches were on the right to mention that they had been monitoring the team’s performance since early this season. But more reports indicate that Chip Kelly, Eagle’s head coach, has held his ground in preparing his team against any forthcoming challenge including the Broncos. … [Read more...]

Orbital Sciences’ NASA Space Craft Postponed


Cygnus, Orbital Sciences built for NASA commercial spacecraft postponed its planned docking until Saturday according to a report issued by both NASA the company’s officials. Orbital Sciences reported that Cygnus established a direct data link that coincided with two systems that navigated the robotic craft, which subsequently caused it to reject the new algorithms. The company was, however, able to identify the problem as a software glitch, which also culminated to unexpected values in the … [Read more...]

Jerry Remy Popularity Thrives Despite Jared Remy

Jared Remy Murder Case

Following the killing of Jennifer Martel, a victim of murder linked to Jerry Remy’s son, Jared Remy, new statistics aimed to rate the former baseball player’s popularity now indicate that he still ranks high. According to reports, his business, the Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill, continues to pull hundreds of Red Sox fans to dine at the table of a former Red Sox champion. Jerry Remy owns four restaurants, which are reportedly attracting customers just as before the said murder case … [Read more...]

Will Tim Tebow Sign with Gene Simmons’ LA KISS?

Tim Tebow AFL

Following his unwelcoming performances recently in NFL and subsequently opting to become a free agent, the media now reports that renowned quarterback, Tim Tebow, might be on the hunt for other avenues. The report comes after a press release, published on Monday, quoted Gene Simmons as agreeing to have Tebow play for LA KISS, the Arena Football League, which is set to make its debut during the 2014 season. LA KISS through the press release established that that they are offering Tebow an … [Read more...]