Europe Facing Major Bee Extinction


Around one in ten of the native wild bees in Europe are facing the prospect of extinction, according to the most comprehensive study so far carried out on them.  The European Red List, created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) showed that 9.2% of around 2,000 species of bee across the continent are already close to extinction. The report also showed that around another 5% would be in danger in the very near future.  Threats include the loss of habitat from intensive … [Read more...]

Tunisia President Vows Response After Museum Attack


Tunisia’s president has vowed to fight terrorism ‘without mercy’ after an attack on the Bardo Museum in the capital city Tunis left 19 people dead.  Seventeen tourists were killed from around the world, according to officials, along with two Tunisians one of whom was a police officer. Security forces killed two gunmen at the site but are continuing to search for any accomplices.  Around 40 people in total were injured including both locals and tourists. Response President Beji Caid Essebi … [Read more...]

Sotheby’s Auctions to Be Live on eBay


Auctions from the famous New York auction house Sotheby’s are set to be streamed live on eBay, the company has announced.  The first auction of this type will have a New York theme with a range of Yankee Stadium memorabilia for sale and will take place on 1st April.  Lots include the giant letters from the New York baseball stadium that are expected to fetch up to $600,000. At the moment, evening sales of the high-value artworks and other specialist items sold by the auction house will not be … [Read more...]

Israel Goes to Polls to Elect New Leader


Israel has opened its polls for an election that is expected to be a very close contest between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party and an alliance from the centre-left.  The centre-left Zionist Union are promising to repair relations with the international community and with the Palestinians while Mr Netanyahu continues to state he will not allow the creation of a Palestinian state if he wins another term in office but is trailing in opinion polls. Polls opened at 7am and are due to … [Read more...]

Cyclone Leaves Total Devastation to Pacific Islands


Cyclone Pam has reached the archipelago of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean and has left ‘complete devastation’ in its wake according to aid agencies working in the area.  Tom Skirrow, of Save the Children, said that in the capital Port Villa, houses had been destroyed and people were wandering the streets seeking help. The UN agencies said that they knew eight had been killed already but dozens more were likely dead and the disaster could end up being one of the worst in the Pacific.  The … [Read more...]

Two Officers Shot in Ferguson Unrest


Two police officers have been shot in the early hours of Thursday morning as a demonstration to celebrate the resignation of Ferguson’s police chief turned to violence and gunfire.  One officer was a St Louis police offer who was struck in the shoulder while the other, a Webster Groves officer, was struck in the face, according to St Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar. Both officers have been hospitalised but are said to be conscious. The officers were part of a group from various jurisdictions … [Read more...]

New Skin Cancer Drug Fast-tracked to UK Patients

Skin Cance

A new experimental drug that is currently unlicensed but used to treat skin cancer has been fast-tracked under a new National Health Service scheme in the UK to get to patients quicker than previously.  Pembrolizumab is a treatment for advanced cases of skin cancer and is the first drug to be approved under the new Early Access to Medicine scheme (EAMS) that was launched last April. The idea behind the scheme is that seriously ill patients will get access to pioneering drugs that may make a … [Read more...]

NASA Probe Reaches Ceres Orbit


US Space Agency NASA have confirmed that their Dawn probe has gone into orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the Solar System that lies between Mars and Jupiter.  The satellite sent a signal confirming its status at 13:36 GMT. Ceres is the first dwarf planet in the Solar System to be visited by a satellite and scientists are hoping to gain lots of information from the mission including about the beginning of the Solar System itself, some four and a half billion years ago. Journey Dawn … [Read more...]

Outcry as IS Destroy Ancient Iraq Site of Nimrud


Archaeologists are among those who have expressed their outrage regarding the destruction of the ancient Mesopotamian site of Nimrud by IS militants.  They began bulldozing the site, which was founded in the 13th century BC, on Thursday, according to officials in the area. The head of the UN’s cultural agency described the act as a systematic destruction that would be counted as a ‘war crime’. ‘False idols’ IS controls large areas of both Syria and Iraq and claimed that the shrines and … [Read more...]

Malaysia Flight 370 – One Year On


One year on from the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and with no trace still to be found of the plane, questions are being asked why modern technologies weren’t used to prevent the disappearance from happening. Before the plane vanished, it would have sounded impossible that a $270 million airliner that was carrying 239 people could completely vanish and leaves little or no clues as to where it went.  But experts are now saying that the disappearance of the plane didn’t have … [Read more...]