Aston Martin Racing Clinches Victory in Sao Paulo

Aston Martin RacingThe British car racing team, Aston Martin Racing has proved once again that Aston Martin remains the most regarded automobile for racing following the 6 hour auto race in Sao Paulo, Brazil that saw the team celebrate its win.

Number 96 Vantage GTE crossed the finish line as part of the GTE AM class to win the race. The auto race, which took place on 1st September 2013, was the fourth series of this year’s FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship).

The Sao Paulo victory marks Aston Martin Racing’s third win since the season begun following its glorious double victory in Silverstone, UK back in April.

Other GT Drivers that held a bigger smile were Darren Turner (GB) and Stefan Mucke (DE), the drivers of the number 97 Vantage GTE, who took the second position in the race.

Turner and Mucke’s performance was also significant as it not only saw them take the lead in the overall world championship standings but also take the top spot as Aston Martin Racing GTE Pro Team’s championship.

Although the challenge was quite high, Aston Martin’s racecar 96 edged out to clinch the victory despite having started from an extreme position.

Britons Jamie Campbell-Walter along with Stuart Hall on board the number 96 auto machine outran their competitors by 45.7 seconds.

However, Daren Turner and Stefan Mucke driving car 97 Vantage GTE are reported to have maintained the first position in each category during the 6 hours race before Campbell-Walter and Hall overtook them at the last hour of the race.

The two drivers said that it was an amazing experience to have taken the victory at Interlagos in Sao Paulo even though it was their first win of the year. They celebrated their win at the popular Interlagos podium.

According to Campbell-Walter, the results were amazing and worth celebrating. He attested that he and Stuart definitely deserved that win.

Campbell-Walter reported that it felt “like just rewards.”

He based his remark on unlucky races the two had experienced throughout the year although back in 2007, they had performed quite well at the same race where successfully held up the challenge and took the third position.

Following their great victory, the two drivers commended Roald (Goethe), a car collector, whose car number 96 Vantage GTE celebrated the victory after the race. They also appreciated the entire team for the good results.

According to Hall, it was amazing to have won the WEC race and thus went ahead to extend his gratitude to Roald saying that it was indeed his win even though he was not with them in Sao Paulo to witness and celebrate the results with them.

Although the racecar number 97 Vantage GTE triumphed most of the race, it drifted back to finish 1.4 seconds behind after successful 212 laps in the famous Interlagos circuit. The car, however, set a time record in the race having made the fastest GET lap.

John Gaw, Aston Martin Racing Team Principal also commended the car number 96th performance saying that it was a remarkable win for the two drivers, Jamie and Stuart.

While it was a tight competition for GTE Pro, the overall position held by Darren and Stefan representing the Aston Martin Racing in the championships showed that there was still more need to celebrate.

The next round is scheduled to take place on 22nd September 2013 in Austin, Texas. More racing action is also expected at the same circuit where American Le Mans Series race will also make the same weekend memorable.

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