Aaron Hernandez Alleged Accomplice Ernest Wallace Arraigned

Followers of the murder case being built against former New England Patriots athlete Aaron Hernandez will be interested to know that his longtime friend, Ernest Wallace, has pleaded not guilty to charges that he is an accessory to the June 17th murder of Odin Lloyd. Wallace is alleged to have fled to Florida after the murder, however he surrendered himself voluntarily to authorities when a warrant for his arrest was issued and did not contest his extradition from that state to Massachusetts where the case is being prosecuted.

Wallace was indicted by a grand jury last month on the same charges, and a bail hearing is set for this week. He is currently being held on a $500,000 bond, set by the grand jury after last month’s indictment. The prosecution has noted that Wallace has no known permanent home address and no source of steady income, appearing to have been supported during the last year by Hernandez who had supplied him with lodgings and a car. Due to this close relationship Wallace has been described by authorities as Hernandez’s ‘right hand man.’

The prosecution alleges that Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz aided Aaron Hernandez in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd this last summer, who was an acquaintance of Hernandez and the boyfriend of Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister. The possible motivation of the murder is thought to have been a conflict between Hernandez and Lloyd that was supposedly sparked by an accusation by Hernandez that Lloyd had befriended individuals with whom Hernandez had previously clashed.

Additionally, Hernandez plead not guilty to first-degree murder charges the week before Wallace’s arraignment, however Hernandez’s is being held without bail with his next hearing scheduled for Oct. 9th. Prosecutors have also alleged that Hernandez was involved in a double-murder that occurred in 2012 in Boston, although he has not yet been charged in the case. The cases were tied during the police investigation into the Lloyd murder when authorities discovered a SUV in Hernandez’s uncle’s home that matched a vehicle being sought in connection to the earlier murders.

The home in Bristol, Massachusetts, which belonged to Aaron Hernandez’s uncle, Andres Valderamma, also appeared to have been the home of Wallace at the time of the Lloyd murder. Ortiz, the other person charged in the Lloyd murder case, also had lived there for an undetermined time in the past. Police have asserted that this house was also the home of several others connected to Hernandez who have also been alleged in a number of crimes, specifically Tanya Singleton, Valderamma’s daughter, who has been indicted on a contempt charge for refusing to testify against Hernandez in court.

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