50 More Mohammed Morsi Supporters Are Dead

It is reported that over a 50 Mohammed Morsi supporters have been killed by the forces in the fight between Morsi’s supporters and the civil law enforcement on 6th October.

Along with the deaths, around 200 members of the protest were also captured. Most of the capturing and deaths were said to have been in Cairo. Though, the former president’s supporters walked the streets of many cities.

Morsi’s allies protest against his deposition from the post of presidency in July 2013. They are of the opinion that his removal has been part of a planned military takeover. He only stayed in power for one year, first elected in June 2012. Mohammed Morsi was the first properly elected democratic leader of Egypt who did not face allegations of election rigging. He was deposed by public protest due to a draft he aimed to pass that would grant him supreme powers, along with the accusation that he had ordered the killing of press reporters.

The latest clash between the forces and Morsi’s supporters occurred in Tahrir Square where people had come out to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Arab-Israel war. The people gathered to see processions of air-craft shows and fireworks. Many people carried posters of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, pledging their support to him for being the next president. However, Mohammed Morsi’s supporters too came to the streets but with a much more aggressive agenda. The protesters tried to reach the Tahrir Square while calling Gen Sisi a killer.

The government too, took violent actions against the riots by air and ground control. While largely using tear gas to control the crowds, gunfire still broke out in some areas causing a large number of causalities. The fight continued for several hours with a lot fire and vandalism throughout major parts of the city. Though, the military had been somewhat successful in their attempt to hold back the demonstrators.

Prior to the event, the interior ministry of Egypt had already issued warning that it would take action against any “attempts that may disturb the 6 October celebrations”.

Along with Cairo, there were also uprisings in Ismailiya. One death was also reported in Bani Suef and one in Delga near Cairo.

More than a hundred Islamic Brotherhood supporters have died since July, and the numbers continue to increase. Many prominent faces from the organization, including Morsi, have been imprisoned and are awaiting trial.

The Brotherhood seems to be getting progressively weaker as the military marches onward to seize the Islamist movement’s assets as part of their “Islamic Brotherhood Crackdown”.

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