39th Edition Telluride Film Festival 2012

Hyde Park on Hudson star Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt Marked the 39th Colorado film festivals as a Ben Affleck’s Argo Sneak Peak gave movie lovers a reason to wait for its premier.

In Telluride, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains provided film enthusiast with an opportunity to see several movies including the never seen before Hyde Park on Hudson, played by Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Another entrance was marked by Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha while Ben Affleck’s Argo gave the audience even unrelenting patience in the 39th edition Telluride film festival 2012, Telluride Colorado, where the crowd had the privilege to meet these upcoming and existing Hollywood stars.

The event set off with the program review, which is a common tradition in Telluride, and later followed up by another popular practice, the patron brunch. At this time, those in attendance were briefed on what to expect in the film lineup 2012, although the most exciting moment was meeting and intermingling with renowned stars and film directors that had made the described films. Some of the stars that film lovers intermingled with include Affleck, Gerwig, Gael Garcia as well as Laura Dern. Noah Baumbach and Alexander Payne were some of the notable directors that had attended the event.

Although Telluride film festival 2012 may not stand against some of the exotic red carpet walks such as Cannes, it is revered as the unofficial roadmap to the awards season. When compared to Toronto film festivals, Telluride doesn’t attract a large star and fan audience, however, the festival has its own way of attracting hundreds such as its geographical setup. The event takes place in the amazing mountain resort in Colorado town, an area that boasts a population of only 2,300, which also represents the actual attendee number to the occasion.

Telluride film festival 2012 may be described as an event that took place in the middle of nowhere with just a handful of film critics and journalists attending. This is because despite being miles away from any major city, the amount of money spend to make it to the scene is considerably high not forgetting the expense on the ticket. Telluride for years has pulled massive crowds interested in TBA screenings; these screenings have constantly been linked to big budget films.

The Descendants, which turned high profile film, had received unofficial premier in 2011. The results arising from the film represent Telluride as the actual film testing ground. This notion can also be supported by previous results on other films. Proper reception in this film fest marks the highly awaited debut of the full feature film. Other renowned Oscar winners over the past few years such as Slumdog Millionaire, The Artist as well as the King’s Speech had all premiered in Telluride. Consequently, poorly received film in Telluride would also help the producers cut their high hopes on possible awards.

As studios have come to realize the potential benefit presented by Telluride film festivals, they have also been able to understand what films would be acceptable there and why. According to various reviews, it is particularly difficult for the festival to screen any film that may have already screened in other parts of North America. One such film was The Master, which is said to have been disqualified following Paul Thomas Anderson’s approach that saw him organize various screen tests around the country.

While potential film offerings such as Oscar fares and outdoor screenings have been described as some of the reasons this event has continued to attract a huge cult following, its location and sceneries among other geographical traits have also pulled masses from all over the country. It is also unlikely that hundreds of people would crowd around stars for autographs or photos, something that most stars have been quoted as appreciating here.


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