10 Best Fat Burning Foods

Combating fat need not mean eating much less or limiting one’s intake to tasteless “healthy” food. The key to losing unwanted fat without sacrificing a healthy appetite lies in knowing which foods to eat.


Thanks to lifelong scientific studies and experiments, experts have identified foods that actually help burn fat by helping build muscles and using up lots of energy during digestion. What most people might be surprised about is that most foods classified as “fat-burning” are not only filling but also delicious. Even more surprising is how most of the items on the list have always had a bad reputation in the past in terms of their health benefits.


Listed below – in no particular order – are 10 of the best fat-burning foods that have been cited by some of the most renowned nutritionists, dieticians and other health experts in the world.


1. Eggs. Who knew such a humble everyday breakfast staple could be a fat-burning superstar? Rich in protein, eggs not only burn fat, but they also aid in building muscles.


2. Milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. Another breakfast food and surprising entry to the list are dairy products. As long as they are low or free from too much fat, milk, yogurt and even cheese can help fight fat and promote stronger bones.


3. A myriad of colorful fruits. Berries, avocados, grapefruit and oranges among many other fruits help enhance one’s satiety while preventing further cravings. Avocados, in particular, have been so misunderstood for a very long time because of their fat content. The fact is that this same fat is responsible for promoting fat burning and keeping the body from storing fat. An added bonus is that avocados also promote faster metabolism.


4. Lean meats. Lean meats such as lean chicken and turkey help build muscle. They also aid in keeping the immune system strong and well-protected.


5. Fatty fish. Not only are they tasty and filling, fish including tuna and mackerel can burn fat like no other meat can. Wild salmon, specifically, are said to trigger metabolism and enhance insulin sensitivity due to its rich omega-3 content.


6. Oils. Yes, oil, but not all kinds. Consuming food with soy and canola oil, for instance, allows one to feel full without the disadvantage of storing them as fat. Coconut oil is also highly recommended due to its high medium-chained-triglycerides content, which is readily used by the body for energy.


7. Almonds, Brazil nuts and many other nuts. Snacking is good when you are munching on the right food. Nuts are perfect snacks in that they not only reduce cravings; they also help in muscle building and metabolism boosting. What’s even better than that? Nuts are able to bind toxins that have been found to cause unsightly cellulites.


8. Peanut butter. Why stop at eating nuts when you can have peanut butter, too? Provided that it is not loaded with too much sugar, peanut butter can raise testosterone to healthy levels, while burning fat and building muscles.


9. A whole lot of vegetables and some spice. It is no secret that vegetables are good for the health. Green vegetables such as spinach help eliminate free radicals and improve muscle building. Legumes and beans also build muscle, while regulating digestion and burning fat. One food can literally burn away calories while being chewed, however, is chili pepper as it helps kick-start the metabolism process.


10. Whole grains. A lot of people already know the benefits of eating whole grains, but there is no harm in reinforcing their importance in a healthy diet. Be it brown rice, whole grain cereals or quinoa, whole grains are bursting with fiber that aid in digestion and combating unwanted fat.

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